DIY Mediation Online learning series

A simple way to learn DIY Mediation now


The online learning series gives you what you need to know in short, easy to follow videos with additional downloadable tools to make DIY Mediation even easier to use.

The series comprises short learning videos in two sections:

  1. About Conflict:  What it is, why it matters, recognising conflict, conflict styles and resolution options
  2. DIY Mediation:  Key Skills - the four key skills needed to apply the DIY Mediation approach, and the AGREE model - the 5 stage resolution process

When you buy the DIY Mediation Online Learning series you  have access to:

  • A series of 15 bite-sized learning videos lasting 5 to 10 minutes each
  • Video demonstrations of the AGREE model in action for each of the 5 Agree stages
  • Additional support tools:
    • online assessment with certificate to test your understanding
    • downloadable quick reference guide to the AGREE model
    • downloadable template AGREE meeting forms
    • spreadsheet based cost of conflict calculator app
    • Conflict style assessment
    • Question set and sample agreement

If you would like to find out more about DIY Mediation one of our free Infobites explains ‘What is DIY Mediation’.  You can sign up for the Infobites series here

Watch this short video to give you an overview of what the series covers and see extracts from some of the learning videos.

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