DIY Mediation - The Book – Additional Tools and Resources

If you have read ‘DIY Mediation.  The Conflict Resolution Toolkit for HR’ you’ll have all you need to practise DIY Mediation.  To give you an extra helping hand we’ve produced these additional resources designed to make DIY Mediation even easier to use.

For a one off purchase you will have access to:

Video demonstrations of AGREE model phases using the Barb and Sue scenario

The transcript of the Barb and Sue scenario that runs through the book is provided in Appendix One.  It’s sometimes difficult to visualise how this looks in reality so we’ve produced five short videos from this transcript so you can see DIY Mediation in action. 

Downloadable quick reference guide to AGREE and key tools

In a DIY Mediation meeting it can be handy to have an aide-mémoire of the AGREE model and the key tools used in DIY Mediation.  This downloadable quick reference guide gives you the essence of what you need to know on one double-sided sheet of A4.

Downloadable notes templates for Individual and Joint Meetings

These two template forms, one for Individual Meetings and one for Joint Meetings, enable you to capture the key points under relevant headings and will give you a valuable record of the meetings held.  They also include helpful reminders such as meeting structures.

Downloadable agreement template

The agreement the participants come to at the end of the Joint Meeting can be in whatever format works for you all.  If you’d like a template to work from, use this tool which is a Word-based Agreement template as a starting point.

Sample Question Sets

Appendix Four of the book gives you a selection of sample questions you can use in DIY Mediation.  This tool gives you even more questions – of course it is best if you can come up with your own but these are intended to give you a helping hand.

Excel-based Cost of Conflict Calculator App

Section 2 of the book talks about the Cost of Conflict and gives the example of how much the Barb and Sue scenario could cost the organisation.  To help you calculate the cost of conflict in your own organisation you can use this Excel-based app which will take you through all the possible costs involved in a typical workplace conflict.

On top of all these DIY Mediation Tools and Resources you’ll also have access to our Mediation Infobites – a series of bite sized videos designed to broaden your knowledge of workplace mediation.


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